Why Dolphins Are The Best

Dolphins are some of the most social wildlife that live in our oceans. They are very agile swimmers and enjoy interacting with other species. They are intelligent and curious and have made it quite clear they are capable of feeling empathy for other creatures. Here are ten reasons dolphins are the best.



1. They helped a drowning dog.

A dog was struggling and going to drown in Florida when a dolphin came to his rescue.



2. They’ve protect people from sharks.

A swimmer was being followed by a great white shark when swimming in Cook Strait, New Zealand. A pod of dolphins surrounded him and stayed by his side until well after the shark left. This is not the first report of dolphins defending a person or animal who is being attacked in the water.



3. They can do amazing tricks with ease.

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4. They’re good at making friends. I mean, who doesn’t love a dolphin?



5. They make your honeymoon or tropical vacation extra romantic by doing things like this:



6. They’ll even let you ride them.



7. They play with other ocean mammals.

Megaptera novaeangliae and Tursiops aduncus. Reunion island. Free diving. A group of dolphins play and escort two whales. Dolphins and whales use to play together.

8. Dolphins help fishermen in Brazil catch fish.
This is an odd tradition, but one that has be going on for generations. The bottlenose dolphins will herd fish towards the fishermen and then splash their tails to notify them their catch is ready and waiting. It is not known why the dolphins put in the effort to help these fishermen. It appears as though they are gaining nothing from this, but are helping out the fishermen. Another reason why dolphins are the best.



9. They know how to party. Dolphins know how to have a good time. Here you can see them playing around under water and bowing bubbles.



10. And last, but not least….the dolphin and cat on a boat interaction. This is one of my favorite YouTube videos. It shows a curious cat and dolphin playing with together.



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