Social Media Personalities that Need to Tone it Down

Social media can be a fickle beast. One minute you think you’ve got a handle on it, the next you want to shut down all your accounts because you can’t deal with it anymore. Why? Because there appears to be a significant chunk of the population out there that doesn’t understand the ‘social norms’ of social media. If any of these sound familiar to things you do, please rethink your tactics.

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1. The Over-Sharer In the evolution of social media personality disorders, this is one of the first and the worst. You’re innocently scrolling through your news feed when you come across a status notifying you of your second cousin’s inner most thoughts on the meaning of life, or your friend of a friend who decides the world MUST know they are dealing with a particularly vicious attack of food poisoning. Save those for your inner circles friends, we don’t want to know.



2. The “look at my baby with food on it’s face”….EVERY DAY. I’m all for sharing a picture or two of your kid, but I’m starting to think that this is an actual condition. Just because you cannot get enough of how adorable it is to see avocado smushed across your babies face doesn’t mean everyone wants to see it posted after every meal. Personally, I don’t care if you’re 9 months old or 90 years, if you get food on your face, it should be removed asap and definitely not photographed and then posted for the world to see.



3. Bathroom Updates – Had to put this next because it goes hand in hand with #2….we get it, you’re excited and this baby thing is all new to you, but for the love PLEASE do not update us on how/when/what your kid is doing in the bathroom. We don’t want to know. Thank you.



4. The ‘FYI World: I’m High on Life’ social media personality. Have you ever read ‘The Secret’, it’s like that on someones status updates all the time. Basically, staying positive is great, but there’s no need to tell everyone all the time how amazing life is. It’s wearing.


5. The ‘My relationship is perfect and your should all be jealous’: I think on anniversarys and very special occasions it’s ok to share something loving and thoughtful on your significant other’s news feed, but really, other than that, it should really be between you and them. That’s for you two, not your social media friends.



6. The Selfie Obsessor: It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out who’s a narcissist on social media. We all have posted a selfie, it’s ok. But what about those people whose entire timeline is selfies. It’s too much right? Like, OK, we get it – that is what your face looks like, lets move on shall we?



7. The vague attention-seeking status updates: I think this ecard meme says it all:



8. Food Pic Person: The ‘I take a picture of literally every meal I eat’ person. If you’ll notice a common theme with the annoying status updates, it’s the quantity issue. One food pic = ok, one food pick at EVERY meal = obnoxious.




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