Reminders of Winter that Will Make You Appreciate the Final Days of Summer

Summer is winding down, and after four or so months of beautiful sunny days, it can be easy to take the weather for granted. At this point the long cold winter has been crammed into the far back corner of your memory. Maybe you’re even thinking that you’re over all this heat. But then, you think glance through the images below and realize it is essential to take full advantage of the remaining days of summer.

1. This man braves the storm to try and dig out his truck in Chicago…looks fun, right?



2. Marlboro, Maryland – that’s right, those are windshield wipers. At least this driver thought ahead.



3. Boston Winter – You’ve got to love it when your car is so cemented in snow, you aren’t really sure which is yours and which is your neighbors.



4. Northeast Ohio – Well, at least he’s keeping busy in this weather.



5. Lake Michigan – Frozen…cold…I’m going back inside now.



6. New York – At what point do you realize it’s really just not worth getting your daily surf in?

Snow Storm in New York


7. Georgia – There are, I suppose, a few exceptions to the rule that winter isn’t that fun. If you are under the age of 12, there is a good chance a winter storm is a riot.



8. Or, perhaps, if you prefer to ski to work instead of drive. In that case, winter is your season.



9. And maybe you play better in the frosty conditions….as long as you have a cigar and bud by your side of course…



10. But just remember, be careful what you wish for…because the bitter cold of winter may be headed your way soon enough.

Heather Miller uses a shovel to clear several inches of snow from her sidewalk in Detroit swimsuit-cold



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