Miley Cyrus’ Attention Getting Ensembles

It appears as though a rather scandalous trend is emerging in Hollywood. What could it be? It’s bedazzled, colorful, and attention getting pasties. Their main proponent? A certain Miss Miley Cyrus. Of course she would be the one to take this look to the next level by strutting her new look onto the Jimmy Kimmel show. But it seems as though if she can do it, why can’t other celebrities. Though Rihanna and a few other celebs have rocked this look, Miley seems to be it’s biggest advocate. Who are we to judge, as long as the nipple is covered….right?

Miley Cyrus discussing the new look with Jimmy:

As shown by the following guest to come on stage after Miley, the trend just might go viral…

Not surprisingly, Lady Gaga is a fan of pasties as well.

Lady Gaga leaves the Royal Albert Hall and heads to hat designer Phillip Treacy's shop in Belgravia. The pair then head to The Box nightclub in Soho where they stayed until 1.30am


Rihanna often sports the look. In fact, I would bet she could rival Miley for number of times she’s worn this trend



But Miley will not go down without a fight. Below, Miley adds some butterfly wings to complete her ensemble.



And on this occasion she takes her performance outfit to the streets for an evening on the town.



And this is her more modest Gala attire.







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