Hackers Reveal Ashley Madison Data

A uniquely karmic event has occurred on the internet over the last while. The infamous ‘dating’ website that connects people who want to have an affair was hacked. It’s a bit of an ironic tale, given that there is usually anger and feelings of violation when one is cheated on, so too do these emotions surface when one is hacked. So, what kind of person elects to seek out an occasion to cheat on their spouse? Well, you could ask one of the 40 or so million of the registered users on the site, thanks to the recent release of the hacked data.





This is the second data dump within days that the hacker group ‘Impact Team Hacker’ has released. The first data dump was edging up around the 10 gigabyte mark and todays second effort added another 2 gB to that. It was released on the ‘dark web’ and included a note to CEO, Noel Biderman. The note stated, ‘Hey Noel, you can admit it’s real now’. So far the information released included names, street addresses, emails, and transaction amounts. Full credit card numbers have not been released at this point, however, it is hard to tell how much data this group has obtained. As for Ashley Madison’s prior claims that your affair would be ‘100% secure’? Maybe not so much…




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