Biggest Life Regrets

Life tends to fly by and everyone has regrets, but what are the main things people look back at and wish they’d done differently? Regret 1. Living a life for other people: Many people report regretting living their life for others. With social norms and pressure to do things a certain way, pick a certain career, follow a specific path, it can be easy to let your life take a path not true to yourself.

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Regret 2. Worked too much: One big regret that many people have is spending too much time working and not enough time with family and friends. Read more at:



Regret 3. Not staying in touch with friends: It’s very easy to loose touch with friends. Sometimes it’s so easy to not reach out or follow through on those plans, but according to many people, in the end it’s worth making that extra effort.



Regret 4. Not expressing ones feelings: Sometimes it can be frightening to say what you really mean or how you really feel. But, it turns out, you may have more regrets from holding back your emotions than just expressing them.



Regret 5. Not being happy: When push comes to shove, it turns out happiness is a choice. Sometimes negative thoughts and life patterns become the norm and it’s a slippery slope, but each person controls their own happiness. Many people report wishing they had allowed themselves to be happier.

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