Are Celebrities Impacting Your Health Decisions?

Kim Kardashian is a paid advocate for the morning sickness pill Diclegis. Being that she is currently pregnant, and suffering from the condition, it seemed a natural choice for the company to choose her to be a proponent for the drug. However, the FDA thinks otherwise. The issues started when Kim posted a photo on her Instagram account promoting the drug.



The main problem with the post was that she didn’t make clear all of the potential side effects of the drug. This can have far reaching and serious consequences given her immense popularity and following. As a celebrity one must tread lightly when sharing medical information with the public, however, this doesn’t always happen.



Kim has since removed the post after she received a letter from the FDA demanding she take it down. This is not the first time a celebrity has commented on public health issues when not all the checks and balances are in place. Many will recall Jenny McCarthy giving advice on vaccines and Gwyneth Paltrow offering up a range of questionable health regimes. Shailene Woodley has even shared that she brushes her teeth with clay and then swallows it to detox her body.




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